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Backstage Revisited – Please Enter

“If you think that your words will ever make a difference, think again and carry on.” / Rise Against – The Unraveling (The Unraveling, 2001)

So Jus, are you bored as well during this period? To be honest; absolutely not. The advantage of having four jobs is that, even during a period like this, at least one continues. And I’ve also got plenty of time I can spend on my master thesis. I really appreciate that the government tries everything to keep me at home so I can work on my thesis. That way I finally might be able to graduate this year. Might. I’ve probably already got the first messages on my phone with friends telling me that I should work on my thesis. ‘What the hell are you doing here?’

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2019 Birthday Speech

2019 Birthday Speech

“Even though I’ve come so far, I know I’ve got so far to go..” 23 and counting.


It was that day of the year again. The day that adds a whole year to your account, and from one moment to another you’re one year older. Impressive.

It’s a discussion I regularly have with my friends, about whether or not to celebrate a birthday. Several friends of me choose to not celebrate it, because they don’t value it; it doesn’t mean that much to them. And in some way they’re right.

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