I need so-oh-omething good..

First of all; my apologies that I start talking about it. I know you’ve heard about it more than enough by now. But I can’t avoid talking about it in some of my posts, like in this one. I’m getting a bit tired about the c-word on all those news pages, so I don’t use the word myself. I think people need something good, something positive. And that’s what I want to talk about.

This weekend I had a phone call with a friend. This isn’t very special, because we call each other quite often, even when we don’t have to stay home. (To anyone asking themselves why I don’t call with them; let me know. At the moment I’m just sitting at home working on my thesis.. or my website, so I’ve got time for a phone call). Of course we talked about the current situation during our call and my friend said something I already noticed as well; that it seems that nobody has a hobby anymore, that nobody knows what to do with all this time now they’re sitting at home. Work has apparently become such an important part of someone’s life that they have forgotten everything out there.

“All these days seem so far away

When I weren’t even half the way

I’ve come

Back then when I hadn’t seen

Half them things I’d never thought I’d see

Become someone I’d never thought I’d be

All because of something good”

Something I noticed as well is that it looks like people want to have something good. That they’re tired about all the negative messages. That they want to hear about something else. That they want something good.

“I need sunshine

I need angels

I need something good, yeah

I need blue skies

I need new times

I need something good”

The two things I noticed made me think about a song from Maverick Sabre, called I Need . It’s the opening song from his album Lonely Are the Brave, released in 2012. When I’m writing this I realize that the album title is quite applicable to the current situation. But now it’s about the song. I was slightly disappointed when I found out that almost nobody heard about this artist before when I talked about him. Several songs from him have impressed me more and more the past few months.

I Need is a quite calm song (it’s even one of the calmest songs of the Lonely Are the Brave album), but at the same time it’s a quite powerful song because of its chorus. The song starts with cracks in the music, which creates a vintage atmosphere that I absolutely love. It also creates a quite sad atmosphere, especially because he sings about the need for something good. How can that be positive?

To me the positivity comes when he starts singing the chorus at full power for the first time. I find the music from Sabre very powerful and it creates a more positive atmosphere during the chorus. This is visible in the music video as well; it starts with rainy and dark parts, and it slowly turns into more sunny and lighter parts. At last, to me the voice and the way Sabre sings is unique. It’s not always easy to understand him (something one can see from the incorrect lyrics posted on the internet; I’m glad I’ve got the official lyric sheets), not always easy to sing along and even more difficult to describe his voice.

Lonely Are the Brave. At the moment one can feel quite lonely by sitting at home all day. Longing for the times that were normal for us until a few weeks ago, and that hopefully will be normal again within a few months. And if you feel lonely, it’s quite brave you continue whatever you’re doing. Lonely Are the Brave.

You need something good? Give this song a listen..

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